Thank you!

Dear Participant:

Thank you for completing the first step and registering for a Mental Health First Aid Course. The Mental Health First Aid Training presents a great opportunity for you to learn more about mental illness and how to respond to a person who is experiencing a mental health challenge, depression, or crisis.

Prior to your training date, you will receive an email, text or phone call confirming your training session including the date and times, and the location of the training. To speak with a program administrator, please contact Mr. Reginald Rearden, Project Coordinator, at
(803) 744-1961 or Dr. Cindye Richburg Cotton, Project Director, at (803) 744-1975. You can also submit
inquiries to the program’s email address at

Best regards,

Reginald Rearden, Project Coordinator | Cindye Richburg Cotton, Project Director
Brookland-Lakeview Mental Health Awareness Training Initiative